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The AWS Loft Kyiv is an event and community space where you can attend sessions, trainings and workshops to enhance your technical skills, co-work with peers, and book one-to-one support with AWS experts.
Registration is free, as are coffee and Wi-Fi.

Here's the agenda:

Come and learn something new at the Loft. Our program includes sessions in different formats, from AWS tech talks to business topics. Join us for a 5-day co-working environment to hang out, learn and increase your knowledge of AWS services.

Workshops are 2-3 hour sessions that engage attendees in a small-scale, hands-on format that provide a more tangible way to learn about cloud technologies.

BTW, don't leave your laptop at home. Workshops and trainings will be delivered by our engineers in the co-working area for all attendees.

Trainings help you build and validate your cloud skills so you can get more out of the cloud.

The content is built by experts at AWS and updated regularly to keep pace with AWS updates, so you can be sure you're learning the latest and keeping your cloud skills fresh.

Ask an Architect

On top of that, you will casually network with AWS experts.
So, bring your questions about AWS architecture, cost optimization, services and features, and anything else AWS-related.
Day 1,
October 14,
Topics on Data Engineering, DevOps, GameDev Software Engineering, Security DevOps, Frontend and Backend:

► Building serverless real-time analytics pipeline for games and mobile apps
► Modern serverless application workshop
► Core AWS Services: EC2, EBS, S3, ELB, Auto Scaling
► Monitoring Amazon RDS instances
► Machine Learning Monitoring and Interpretability: Evil Twins of Post-Training
► Web 101: How to get started with web development on AWS
Day 2,
October 15,
Topics on Software Engineering, Data Science, DevOps, Database Architecture, Solution Architecture, Security:

► AWS Loft in Kyiv: Opening keynote by Ian Massingham
► Amazon Culture of Innovation
► Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS
► Executing a Large-Scale Migration to AWS
► AWS Game Day
► Database freedom: chosing the right database for your workload
► Building secure serverless applications with AWS Lambda
► 12 Steps to getting started with AWS Cloud for the enterprise
► AWS CDK: the future of Infrastructure as Code
Day 3,
October 16,
Topics on DevOps, Software Engineering, Security, Data Engineering, Data Science, Solution Architecture, Database Architecture:

► Serverless Computing - State of the Union
► Secure interactive access to instances using AWS Systems Manager Session Manager
► AWS solutions for game developers
► Big Data Services in AWS
► Become a machine learning developer using AWS Machine Learning Services
► Mastering Amazon EKS in two hours: hands-on workshop
► Transformational Strategy: empowering people to take charge of the transformation rather than reacting
► Flo's move to the cloud: AWS to the rescue
► Unicheck's journey: why we decided to move to AWS
► The best way to use Kubernetes on AWS: everything u need to know about Amazon EKS
Day 4, Startup
October 17,
Startup topics on Stakeholdering, Entrepreneurship, HRs and Solution Architecture:

► Open-access Hands on Labs
► Designing for Operability: Getting the Last Nines in Five-Nines Availability
► Welcome to Day 1
► Confessions of a Founder
► Build a secure serverless chatbot using AWS CDK
► Tools for Building your MVP on AWS
► Solution Architect Associate Certification Exam Preparation
► Hiring the Amazon Way: 10 Best Practices for Hiring Winning Teams
► Fundraising Essentials for Every Entrepreneur
► Round table about Startup Local ecosystem: Angel, seed, Accelerators, local Startups
Round table speakers:
- Kirill Mazur, CEO & Founder at Center42
- Andre Nazareth, Head of Startup Ecosystem CEE-CIS-RUS at AWS
- Dmytro Voloshyn, Co-founder at Preply.com
- Oleg Malenkov, Venture Partner at TA Ventures
Day 5,
October 18,

Topics on Software Engineering, DevOps,
Data Science, Security, Solution Architecture, Data Engineering:

► Open-access Hands on Labs
► Getting started with distributed ledgers and blockchain in the Cloud: An introduction
► Dockerize your applications with AWS
► Introduction to Serverless Computing on AWS
► Dockerize your applications using Amazon ECS
► Getting started with deep learning using Amazon SageMaker
► Real time data ingestion and processing with Amazon Kinesis
► Optimize your ML workloads

Closing party with SiliconDrinkAbout and AWS Loft Kyiv!
Join exclusive AWS GameDay on October 15!
What is AWS GameDay?
AWS GameDay is an interactive team-based learning exercise designed to give players a chance to put their AWS skills to the test in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment.

Most importantly, it is an extremely fun way to learn more about the potential of AWS without the step-by-step instructions provided in workshops or classroom-style sessions. If you are seeking an open-ended, and at times ambiguous, style of training then GameDay is the perfect challenge for you.
How does the event run?
Unlike typical training exercises, like workshops or bootcamps, every GameDay event includes 100% hands-on use of real AWS services via live AWS accounts, gamification, teamwork, and open-ended challenges. The path that teams take is up to them, as they are only provided with broad documentation and guidance, not prescriptive instructions. The backdrop of our event is our famous fictitious narrative, introduced at the start, which is that the attendees are actually onsite to support an exciting new and bustling startup Unicorn.Rentals. This will be their new hire orientation, and a first day on the job that they'll never forget!

During the event, players will re-create architectures from scratch to support Unicorn.Rentals as it continues to serve its customers seeking temporary use of unicorns. Throughout the game, teams react to internal and external events while also improving their infrastructure using the provided AWS accounts, pre-loaded with a variety of services at their disposal. AWS staff are onsite to provide support, so teams have the chance to ask questions along the way and get expert advice. The atmosphere is competitive, gamified, and fun. A scoreboard remains live for the duration of the event to track team scores and overall progress.

At the end of the event we recognize top finishers, as well as teams that show grit and determination, with fantastic prizes. Over 94% of participants report that they have learned new things as a result of GameDay and want to participate in future events.

Target Audience
This is a technical training event, but is a value-add for a wide variety of technical backgrounds such as solutions architects, technical account managers, system administrators, developers, and more. Since the content is all on AWS, we recommend at least 6 months to 1 year of experience using the AWS console. Well-balanced teams will ensure a level playing field and a more competitive game.
Join Startup Day on October 17!
At Startup Day, you'll learn from AWS experts, VC's, and your fellow startups about how to go from that initial intellectual spark to MVP, and what it takes to land seed funding.
Round table speakers:
- Kirill Mazur, CEO & Founder at Center42
- Andre Nazareth, Head of Startup Ecosystem at AWS
- Dmytro Voloshyn, Co-founder at Preply
- Oleg Malenkov, Venture Partner at TA Ventures
And more startup topics: "Confessions of a Founder", "Hiring the Amazon Way: 10 Best Practices for Hiring Winning Teams" and "Fundraising Essentials for Every Entrepreneur". Here's the full agenda.

AWS Startup Day is a free, day-long session of solutions and interactive live discussions, designed for people who are ready to take an idea and turn it into a company – not just a product.

Startup Day is also an opportunity to meet your people, the other builders in your backyard, to share ideas, founder hacks, and the inspiring moments that keep everyone sprinting forward.
Who should attend?
Developers, technical founders, and business leaders from all-size companies who are eager to learn about cloud technologies and AWS services.

For those who want to reduce the amount of time and resources spent, to facilitate and accelerate processes, and to efficiently resolve any issues they may come across when and by using the cloud.

Development teams, engineers, architects, and system administrators from startups, mid-size companies and enterprise looking for sessions and hands-on experience on AWS — you are welcome!
Some of the speakers
Ian Massingham
Director of AWS Evangelism
Ian Massingham is the Director of Developer Technology & Evangelism, at Amazon Web Services where he is responsible for driving the company's developer engagement strategy.
Alex Casalboni
AWS Senior Technical Evangelist
Alex is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, based in Italy. Alex is deeply passionate about web technologies and music. He has been building web products and helping other builders learn from his experience since 2011.
Yuriy Gavrillin
ML Engineer at Provectus
Yuriy Gavrilin, ML Engineer at Provectus. Within the Hydrosphere project, he develops modern AI solutions for serving machine learning models.
Matt Bishop
UKI Training Delivery Manager
Matt has been a technical trainer for 20 years, most recently for AWS. He is based in London.
Yehor Melnykov
CTO at Unicheck
Yehor is a CTO and responsible for the management of an organization's research and development as well as its technological needs at Unicheck. Yehor has a clear vision about our customers' needs and a structured way of thinking to successfully implement those in a top-notch product for education.
Slavik Dimitrovich
Solution Architect Lead
Slavik Dimitrovich was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. He moved to the US in 1997. He has been working in the IT for 25 years. He is with AWS for 9 years. Now Slavik is leading the Solution Architect team in South Korea.
Kirill Mazur
CEO & Founder at Center42
Kirill Mazur is the CEO & Founder at Center42, Ukraine's first Innovation Agency.
ex-executive at UNIT.City, Ukraine's first innovation park.
ex-Managing partner of IG.VC, one of the most active VC fund in Ukraine in 2014-2016
Oleh Shapovalov
Learning and development manager
at DTEK Academy
Oleh is Certified ToP Facilitator by Institute of Cultural Affairs, Canada. He will provide an interactive workshop for AWS Loft with the topic "Transformational Strategy: empowering people to take charge of the transformation rather than reacting"
We will review the Organizational Journey Map and analyze drivers of change for the organization and plot a course through the natural evolution of an organization using key leverage points that allow the change to occur rapidly and sustainably.
Dmytro Voloshyn
Co-founder at Preply.com
Dmytro has been working as a developer for over a decade and combines a solid background in programming with marketing experience. From 2012 Dmytro, as a technical co-founder of Preply.com, is changing the global landscape of education by making personalized tutoring affordable and accessible for everyone. His CTO position at Preply allows Dmytro to fully realize his entrepreneurial potential and technical skills.
Oleg Malenkov
Partner at TA Ventures
Oleg is a partner TA Ventures, an international venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups disrupting healthcare and mobility. Opportunistically, TAV also considers investments in enterprise software, deep tech and property tech.
Nikolay Krivolapchuk
DevOps Engineer at
Nikolay is a DevOps engineer with more than10 years of experience in IT and big infrastructure systems.
Worked with corporate level virtualization and configuration management systems.
Show more speakers
Jonathan Allen
AWS Enterprise Strategist & Evangelist
Jonathan joined AWS as an Enterprise Strategist & Evangelist in May 2017. In this role, he works with enterprise technology executives around the globe to share experiences and strategies for how the Cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers.
Antje Barth
AWS Technical Evangelist, AI & ML
Antje is a technical evangelist for AI and machine learning at AWS and is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Besides AI/ML, Antje is passionate about showing developers how to leverage and integrate with (big) data, containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native technologies.
Dragos Madarasan
AWS Solutions Architect
Dragos works with companies and partners in Central and Eastern Europe by transforming their enterprise IT landscape and helping them design reliable, cost-effective cloud architectures.
Mykola Marzhan
Director of Server Engineering at Percona
Mykola is monitoring lover and has been developing monitoring systems since 2004. His career is mostly focused on the automation of release procedures, and the development of monitoring, update and deployment systems.
More about AWS sessions, trainings, and workshops

BTW, don't leave your laptop at home. Workshops and hands-on sessions will be delivered by our engineers in the co-working area for all attendees. Grab a cup of coffee, sit comfortably, and start learning from AWS gurus. More fun stuff in the sponsors' alley: quizzes, brain-teasers, and valuable prizes.
Event content is delivered by subject matter experts from AWS and AWS partners, who share how they have successfully built solutions on AWS.
Provectus is a consulting and managed services company that specializes in delivering high value solutions through the integration and development of the latest technology for AI, ML, Data Analytics, DevOps and Cloud Transformation.

Provectus is also nurturing an AWS community in Ukraine. Specifically, we support AWS User Group Ukraine and organize multiple conferences and events with AWS. Some of them are Data Science Hackathon, Data Summer Conf, and AWS Meetups.

In 2019, Provectus was designated by AWS to run an AWS Dev Day event in Ukraine. By organizing and hosting AWS DevDay in Kyiv, Provectus aims to empower the local developer community and to encourage everyone interested in cloud computing to connect, collaborate, and learn about Amazon Web Services.
Thank you to our sponsors!
Chief Educational Partner
Academy DTEK is an open educational business platform for company owners, government management roles, representatives of the public, and international partners.

- Organizes and hosts education partner programs with five international business schools: INSEAD, IE Business School, Thunderbird, HRCI, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.
- As part of multiple partner programs educates employees of 17 government organizations, including National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance, Ukrainian Post, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Infrastructure. In 2018, DTEK organized 72 educational events for them.
- Develops and implements cutting-edge HR technology based on Analytics and Big Data. DTEK was the first organization in Ukraine to use VR devices to train employees.
DTEK Academy
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Water Partner
Media Partners
Best memories: AWS Dev Day 2019
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